Post anything worth sharing naman ‘di ba, kaya heto na:

I’m not a beauty expert. I just thought of sharing these DIY things with you, as a lot of “kikay things” are expensive here. These ideas aren’t original, I googled for recipes and tried some of them out.

1. Yogurt mask. Okay, I don’t use masks back home. I just thought of trying it out here because my face was peeling due to the dry winter air and also because we have lots of yogurt variants here in Trento (haha). The only thing you need is plain white yogurt. Some websites say greek yogurt is better. I don’t know the difference between greek and non-greek yogurt but from experience, alpine yogurt works just fine. Slather plain white yogurt on your face, let it dry for 20-30minutes and rinse with warm water after. Tada! Instant facial. Sometimes I put honey (2 Tbsp yogurt + 1 tsp honey), for added mositurizing effects daw pero mas gusto ko pa rin yung plain white yogurt. I’ve also tried something with strawberries and oatmeal (haha). All of them worked fine for me. I think you can store them in the refrigerator for up to a week. But you can eat them too, of course.

2. Sugar body scrub. Basically, it is just white sugar + olive oil + extras like green tea or lavender leaves or lemon rind (mainly for the scent). I think I used 3 Tbsp white sugar for every 1 Tbsp olive oil. Use like a normal body scrub. You can also use this as a lip scrub. To be fair, ang lambot nga ng skin after.

3. Lavender scented oil. I know buying a bottle of lavender essential oil can be more practical as making your own takes some time. But I like the smell of lavender flowers as they dry and I tried making some lavender scented oil with the dried flowers. Immerse the dried flowers in a bottle of oil (preferrably mineral oil, as others may have their own scent which can overpower the lavender’s). Seal the bottle and let it stand for…6 weeks, shaking the bottle from time to time.

4. Hairspray. Dissolve 1 Tbsp of white sugar in a mug of warm water and put the mixture in an atomizer. Spray lightly onto hair. Wait until it dries before spraying more (unless gusto mo ng sobrang tigas / lagkit na buhok). I tried it out this morning and it worked.

I know you can do wonders with baking soda but I haven’t tried anything with it. Mainly because…I dont have baking soda here (haha, hindi ko pa alam ano ang baking soda in italian).

Any other DIY things you’d like to share? Obviously I shared girly things. Maybe some of the guys can share something else…:D