1. There is a store in Greenbelt 5 that gives discounts if you take a stand on the RH Bill. They have bags for both sides! There are “I am pro-RH Bill” and “I am anti-RH Bill” bags for your purchases. The discounts for purchases are available regardless of your chosen stand. Cool.
  2. There are just too many restaurants here in Manila. It is getting harder to decide where good food could be found. Would there be more exclusive restaurants in the suburbs soon? Some restaurants are just ridiculously expensive for the price (even after conversion to financial crisis euros). This is where I like German food. You will never go hungry again. Crispy pata is much cheaper in Germany.
  3. I also recently talked to a dear friend about the experience in the dating scene. Somehow our conversation went to deciding exclusivity. How would people who date even bring up the topic? There are some expectations and fears of rejection from both sides, right? So could exclusivity be implied? If so, how do you signal exclusivity? I am sure a lot of signals may tend to get confused. Why is it so bad to be straightforward about it?
  4. Let us try another one from the dating scene. How would you ask for oral sex (I think this is a worthwhile alternative for both sides especially if they don’t want to rush into something more (or less?) intimate)? What is the threshold number of dates? Who decides?
  5. I also went with a dear friend to Draft at the Fort Strip. They were supposed to serve beer from the tap. What rotten luck, they don’t have the drinks from the tap at that time. So disappointing. As a result, we have to order bottles. I was looking for wheat beer so that my friend could try it out. The waiter says that they have Paulaner wheat beer. Great! I asked where it came from. He said Russia. (Oh dear.) When he showed me the bottle, I saw German words. It came from Munich but these Paulaner brews are not good at all (too commercialized). They also sell a lot of other imported beers but the funniest beer they sell is Beck’s. People think that this is one of the better beers. Please. You could buy this in the grocery in Germany for less than the advertised price. So who wants to open a day pub here?
  6. Pedestrians crossing the street with a large sign that says “Huwag tumawid dito, may namatay na dito.” In English, this means “Don’t cross here, someone had already died.” Yet, people here in Manila still cross the street! Why??? Sometimes I can’t blame drivers for not following the rules. It seems everyone expects that everyone expects that … the rules will never be followed. Is this really an undesirable Nash equilibrium? Maybe we should put images of dead people who got struck by accidents (parallel to cigarette smoking deterrents). University students should really study this phenomenon for their thesis.
  7. The airport is still not connected to the trains. We now have three airports but somehow we cannot find a way to actually have a connecting train from the airport to the city center (wherever this may be). On the bright side, I am glad that the LRT1 and MRT are going to be connected near North EDSA. I think the operators are different and I do not know if the trains in LRT1 can use MRT lines. Chances are no. Another missed opportunity.
  8. Our dog, while guarding our store here, accidentally bit (wound was superficial) a tricycle driver who entered the store premises. Upon the driver’s insistence, I accompanied him to a public hospital for treatment. Our dog had complete vaccinations. You have no idea how many animal bites happen in a day. We had to wait for almost 2 hours. Wow.
  9. There is a nice place to hang out in Manila. The bars at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza is quite nice if you could tolerate the overt prostitution going on (but of course freedom of choice!). Of course, the drinks are a tad expensive. But they claim they could make any cocktail you want (even those not in the list). I asked for a grasshopper and a Manhattan.
  10. Jeepney drivers out there! You do not have fast engines so please spare us the pollution from making your vroom vroom noises as if you have a fast engine. Do not try to cut other vehicles just for the satisfaction of being first and later moving near the sidewalk to get passengers!
  11. Finally, the douchiest of them all–the pig parker.

Fucking asshole.