1. Debates in whatever form are crucial in a free society because they resolve honest disagreements among people of good conscience.
  2. Some people thrive in exploiting the fine line between opinion and fact.
  3. Cyber-bullies are much easier to ignore than actual bullies.
  4. Empirical evidence operates under a garbage-in-garbage-out system.
  5. We have to be man enough to realize that we may have done something wrong.
  6. Laws are as fallible as their architects.
  7. Plagiarism may not be a crime under the eyes of the law but it is frowned upon in civilized discourse.
  8. Freedom of speech, exchange and thought and the entrepreneurial spirit are strong enough to overcome any constraints placed on them even by the narrow constructs of the law.
  9. The freedom to say what we want to say is not a right only you could enjoy. Everyone has this freedom, including your critics or enemies. Because this freedom is integral in a free society, we protect it even if the speech is a product of misunderstanding, misinformation and even hate and bigotry.
  10. You would have to ask yourself (and not rationalize) whether you have really represented the people who have elected you into office. Make sure that you are representing their interests even if they conflict with your own.