[This is a new weekly section of the blog that will feature members of the org. They are made to answer 10 questions of general interest in a short interview and the end result is a general sketch of who are members are and what they are doing.]

[All comments in brackets are rough translations of the Filipino phrases in the main answers… for the international audience!]

Happy Renier!

Name: Renier Mendoza
Institution: Karl-Franzens University of Graz
City: Graz, Austria

1. Before coming to Europe, what stuff have you been doing back in the Philippines?

I was an instructor in UP (and also an MS student).

2. What stuff are you doing now?

As a PhD student, I am required to take graduate courses and to attend seminars. Also, I’m already starting some background research for my dissertation.

3. How do you like the working environment in your institution?

People are friendly. Just ask them and they are willing to help. But if you don’t want to talk to them they won’t bother you.

4. How do you find the city you are living in now?

It’s not a big city so usually places are within biking distance. It’s peaceful and safe. The city is clean and everything is systematic. Graz is a great place for students.

5. Did you acquire any new hobbies or interests while here in Europe?

Graz is the capital city of the state of Styria. And Styria is famous for its beautiful landscapes. Back in the Philippines, I hiked only once. I’ve been here for only 5 months and I already did 3 hikes!

Resting up in the mountain after a good hike!


6. Which new memorable places have you visited and what makes them special?

The Hochlantsch (1,720 meters) through the Bärenschützklamm. This is where I had my first hike in Styria. The view at the Bärenschützklamm is breathtaking. Reaching the peak of the Hochlantsch is awesome too. The big cities (Rome, Paris, Vienna) are  memorable as well. Iba lang yung feeling pag nakikita mo in person yung mga landmarks.

7. Given the time and opportunity, which other places would you want to visit?

Definitely Reykjavik! I am very curious about Iceland.

8. If you could bring something from the Philippines here in Europe (anything including material things, cultural aspects or values and people – no size and price restrictions), what would it be?

Yung mga tindahan sa may kanto. Grocery stores here close early and they are not open every Sunday or during holidays. At tsaka, yung mga paborito kong gulay.

[Stores just around the corner. Grocery stores here close early and they are not open every Sunday or during holidays. Also my favorite vegetables.]

9. If you could bring something from here in Europe to the Philippines (anything including materials things, cultural aspects or values and people), what would it be?

The trams and the bike lanes!

10. Favorite saying in Filipino.

Walang mahirap na gawa pag dinaan sa tiyaga.  Helpful yan sa research. Haha!

[There’s nothing difficult if one works with patience. This is helpful in research! 😀]

Thanks Renier and good luck with research! 🙂